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Black Friday Sale details

Hi all! A long post for you today, but an important one! It will outline all the sale details for this weekend.

You will have three different sales to choose from depending on the day that you choose to shop.

Black Friday is Bookish Black Friday. Website orders $35 and up will receive a special mystery item, inspired by popular book series! Items will have value from $10 to $25. The more you order, the more value your mystery item is. 
Example: if you order $60 you may receive one $25 mystery item or two $13 ones. If you want Hogwarts house specific items, PLEASE leave your Hogwarts house in the notes and I’ll try to make you an item that fits your house!


Small business Saturday will be small business weekend. 

Small business weekend has three main coupons you can use on the website. 
GEEK5 for $5 off $35, 
GEEK10 for $10 off $50, 
GEEK15 for $15 off $65. 

Coupons do not stack.


Cyber Monday is 20% off orders $40 or more with code CYBER20. I will also be doing some flash sales on special items so stay tuned on social media! Also holiday items (stockings, glitter ornaments, etc.) will be listed ASAP for your purchasing pleasure.


Last but not least, all weekend the Etsy shop only will be 15% off $35 or more.

Also social media coupons (for Facebook or Instagram followers) will still work on the website. They are not combinable with the bigger coupons but they’re good to use if you're only buying on lower-priced item.


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