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Fandom Freebie: DIY Wonder Woman Costume

Halloween is just around the corner, are your costumes ready? Thankfully we live in a time where geek costumes are abundant everywhere, from Hot Topic to Walmart and beyond. But sometimes putting something together yourself can be cheaper and way more fun!

Need an idea? How about Wonder Woman? She's had a multitude of costume changes over the years so you have a variety to choose from.

wonder woman costume ideas

All you need is the red, blue, gold, and stars you basically have a recognizable Wonder Woman outfit! 

Let's make life even easier. Here's a template for her classic tiara. I've made myself one out of craft foam. Most craft stores even have metallic foam nowadays, so you don't have to worry about painting foam and the paint wearing off onto your head!

wonder woman tiara DIY

Looking for something more fun? How about th DC Bombshell Diana? Not gonna lie, this is one of my favorite "closet cosplays" to do. 

wonder woman bombshell

You can get away with doing a red polo shirt tucked into jeans shorts, if you can accessorize with things that really nail that bombshell look. Of course, the shop has a plethora of Wonder Woman jewelry to help you with your closet cosplay, but if you want to go more "costume-y" than everyday geek-chic, read further for more ideas!


Need white stars for your shorts? Try sewing or craft stores for star shaped buttons. Even if you can't find white ones, most spray paints or even acrylics should stick to button surfaces. And if google fails you, there's always cutting out shapes in foam or fabric and temporarily sewing them to your shorts.

wonder woman bombshell white star

The belt buckle is definitely a more "advanced" project. You can see one cosplayer's great progress here on her site {HoneyBoba Cosplay} and she has graciously provided a blueprint for the belt buckle! (She actually has a great pictorial for most of the accessories, but today we're talking about the buckle).

wonder woman dc bombshell buckle tutorial costume


Now you can totally be fancy and make this with Worbla or other heated plastics. But you can also totally do this with craft foam! Remember the Castiel wings? This is a similar process. Cut, glue, and paint. Easy peasy! 

wonder woman bombshell belt buckle DIY


Of course, the superhero Wonder Woman is a princess too so she's a super fun character to interpret in your own way. Whether you go with armor or a more fluffy dress, go ahead and make your costume however you want it to be. :)







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