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Holiday and Cyber Weekend Sales!

It's time for the sale season of the year!

I am very grateful for all your support during 2020. This will be my last sale of the year, just in time for those holiday shopping lists!

Plain text: Say goodbye to 2020 with a sale!

Plain text: early bird sale is Nov. 19-23. It is 15% off all orders $45 and over with code: earlybird15

Cyber weekend sale is Nov. 27 - 30 (Black Friday through Cyber Monday).

There are three tiers of codes.

10% off two items, code: 10off

15% off four items, code 15off

20% off six items, code 20off

Order by dates. These are my personal suggestions based off of the USPS recommendations and my shop turnaround time.

International: order by November 23.

Canada: order by Nov. 28.

Domestic USA: order by Dec. 9.

USA Priority mail: order by Dec. 14.

Turnaround time will be extended during the holiday sales time to 5-6 business days.

The shop will take a break from December 17 through January 10.

There will be Add On Gift Wrap available.

As well as Add On Postal Insurance.

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