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Saturday Spotlight : Black Panther!

I was going to do a Geeky Valentines post but then suddenly it was February 15, I was shopping for clearance chocolate, and Valentines was long over. But that's okay, we can share the geeky love any day of the year!

Today I want to focus on something amazing: the huge surge of Black Panther merch and the undisputed success of this new film! Some people are calling it the best Marvel film ever..... I definitely don't disagree ;)

Here's a round-up of some the most EPIC and BEAUTIFUL Black Panther merchandise I've found (and immediately added to my wishlist!):

Black Panther jewelry

RockLove's stunning jewelry collection. I've ordered the Talon earrings for myself and will definitely do a review once they arrive! 

Black Panther t shirt JordanDene

Jordandene just released two new Black Panther shirts today! I love these designs and ultra-soft shirts.

BoxLunch exclusive Black Panther fashion

BoxLunch has some gorgeous (and exclusive!) Black Panther fashion and accessories. I really love the Gold Foil shirt and the Windbreaker! So practical and I would totally wear it everyday.

black panther loungefly wallet accessory purse

To say I'm obsessed with Loungefly's new Black Panther wallet and matching purse would be putting it lightly. I love the bold design. It's powerful and kind of glamourous!

elhoffer black panther cardigan fashion

Elhoffer Design has done yet another super-hero-adorable design! This Black Panther cardigan even has the cool triangle design, yet is still a totally work appropriate outfit.

black panther african print tote bag purse

ShopDisney has loads of Black Panther merchandise, but I am in love with this tote bag. If you're living the #totelife like I am (referencing this), this beautiful printed bag is your new favorite accessory. Did I mention you can customize it if you want to add your name??


Okay I can go on and on and on... these are just a few of my top favorites. I would love to see yours too, so feel free to comment!

Have you seen Black Panther yet? Who's your favorite character? I think Shuri might just be the breakout star of that movie :)

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