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What to wear when seeing Captain Marvel on the big screen

We're lucky geek culture is everywhere in 2019 because there's so many options beyond just basic t-shirts for showing our geek pride. 

If you're not confident enough to wear full cosplay to the movie theater (or maybe you just want to sit comfortably without superhero armor) here's the best way to channel Captain Marvel at the movies.

captain marvel dress

For a movie date or fun girls night out, this Elhoffer Design Carol Corps dress is elevated comics chic.


This cropped cardigan from SuperheroStuff is vintage cute. Add a skirt for extra flair, or throw it over any plain tank you own. Instant Princess Sparkle Fist style.


Or if you're feeling low-key and don't want to wear bright red and blue, how about channeling Carol at her 90s best?

carol danvers 90s cosplay outfit

Since the 90s is having a major fashion resurgence, you can find leather, jeans, and flannel from Walmart, Target, and everywhere between. 

90s fashion outfit ideas

Or best idea yet: use what you already have! I suggest any worn looking logo shirt, a jeans or leather jacket, flannel tied around your waist, and you're 90% Carol Danvers already!

Jazz up your jacket with some Captain Marvel jewelry or enamel pins and you'll be perfect.

captain marvel jewelry earrings

captain marvel jewelry earringscaptain marvel jewelry necklace

Earrings and necklace by me! You can find them in the shop right here.


Or if you're not a Carol person at all, but rather you love Goose the cat (who doesn't?!) here's my personal favorite from Zazzle.

goose the cat shirt


Have fun at the movies!

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